Flutter Wallpaper App (Pexels API)

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Flutter Wallpaper Web App Using pexels API

Creating an app is kind of easy but managing it is harder than its deployment.in this blog we will focus on the creation of a wallpaper app using pexels wallpaper API.for more information about pexels API visite (https://www.pexels.com/api/).

Herein, covers modules like rxdart, setting an image as wallpaper using the platform dependent downloading image and giving specific permissions in android.

Install the following dependencies in pubspec.yaml before getting started!

Pexels have strict guidelines as we can only make a limited number of request to the server (200 requests in hours and 20000 in a month).which is seriously low to full fill user needs, to optimize this we will use state management using rxdart. read a full guide on pexel API visite(https://www.pexels.com/api/documentation/)

Create new service.dart to render a rest request of Pexels API and assign return JSON String in the stream.

In main.dart import service.dart to get the stream JSON and convert it into JSON.

Create a search.dart for performing an image search

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