Simple Image Classification -TensorFlow

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image classification

Image classification is used for predicting image assists in many areas like detecting person info, object description and even use to predict skin cancer. In this, we will create over own Ferrari and Lamborgigni dataset and predicted the type of image.

Install dependencies in Python project and download dataset link:-(download_car_dataset)

Create your own image dataset by simply downloading image from the internet.then past it in train_image and test_image in this we will use car dataset to predict which one is Lamborghini or Ferrari.

Set train and test dataset directory location

Compute the total length of train and test images.

Formate your image data to be read into gride format then convert it into tensor and resize all the images into the same height and width.

Create a model of 512 units connected layer with relu activation function and compile it adam optimizer with BinaryCrossentropy loss.

Predict Image

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